School of Canton Ballet

The School of Canton Ballet, under Artistic Director Jennifer Catazaro Hayward, works to instill in its students and pre-professional dancers an appreciation of the joy and satisfaction of a challenging job well done through age-appropriate training for toddlers through adults. In addition to building performers, School of Canton Ballet develops responsible, driven, determined, and disciplined students’ whose soft skills remains throughout their lives regardless of their chosen fields.

2023 Spring Semester Begins: Week of January 23

Full 2022-2023 Calendar

Early Childhood Classes (Ages 1-7)

Elementary Classes (Ages 7-11)

Intermediate Classes (Ages 10+)

Advanced Classes (By audition only)

Teen & Adult Ballet Classes (13 and up)

* Age by September 1 each year

All School of Canton Ballet employees are fully certified in Red Cross First Aid/CPR procedures. 
All faculty have passed a criminal background check.