Snow Policy

Winter may be beautiful, but it sometimes can present travel issues for ticket holders. In the great tradition of the theater, the show does go on despite snow or wind or unsalted streets. The company, unfortunately, does not control the elements and is committed to honoring its performance calendar.  It is not the policy of Canton Ballet or the Canton Palace Theatre to cancel performances due to weather conditions.

All ticket sales are final.
There are no refunds or exchanges.

In the case of severe weather conditions, patrons who feel it would be impossible for them to attend may donate tickets back to the company and receive a tax deduction receipt for the full amount. Tickets may be donated back to the company by calling 330-455-7220 on the day of the performance and leaving contact information.

Would my child enjoy the ballet?

Ballet is accessible and enjoyable to people of all ages. Most children find the spectacle of movement, music and costumes very entertaining. There are no age restrictions at any of our performances. All we ask is that your child is able to sit attentively during the show.

Where are the best seats?

Seating is largely a matter of personal opinion. We hear everything from “I need an aisle seat”, “I prefer balcony seating”, to “I like to be close enough to wave at the dancers.” Before you call we ask that you think about what kind of seats you want and what you may be willing to try should your first choice be unavailable.  Each seat offers a unique view of every performance.

Can I see where my seats are?

Yes, click here to see views of the seating sections at the Canton Palace Theatre

How do I get there and where can I park?

Don’t let parking downtown keep you from coming to see the ballet. There is plenty of free parking available near the Palace and getting downtown is easier than ever. Detailed information regarding directions to the Canton Palace Theatre and parking in the area can be found by clicking here.

How long is the performance?

Typically our performances are around one and a half or two hours in length with one intermission.

Is there a dress code?

One of the benefits of living in Canton is its casual atmosphere.  The same is true of the ballet. There is no specific dress code for any of our performances.

Isn’t going to the ballet expensive?

Actually no. A family of four could see The Nutcracker for as little as $52.  Tickets start at $8 and go up to several different price levels.  There’s a great seat for everybody’s budget.

Can I wait till the week of the show to buy my seats?

Yes, but last season Nutcracker nearly sold out so if you know you want to see a show, don’t wait!

How many dancers are in the company?


What is the average age of the dancers?

13-16 years old.

How many pairs of pointe shoes do dancers go through?

On average our dancers go through about two pairs each of pointe shoes per month.

How much do pointe shoes cost?

Between $60-85 dollars per pair.

How long does it take to build the costumes?

The answer to this depends on the complexity of the costume design. For example, building one classical tutu takes approximately 40 hours at a cost of $600-750.

How many years of training are required to become a pre-professional dancer?

On average it takes about 8 years to reach the skill level of most of our dancers. This figure depends largely on a person’s talent and how quickly they can progress from one level of expertise to the next.

How long do the dancers rehearse?

For a two-hour production the dancers will typically rehearse 4 to 6 weeks for up to 20 hours a week after school and weekends.

What impact do Canton Ballet and the arts have on my community?

Our arts organizations stimulate tourism, support jobs and generate tax revenue. Without question, when we support the arts, we enhance our quality of life and our economic well-being.