Joy Of Movement

Joy of Movement

Dance for young children…why?

Many experts believe that a child who has not been exposed to dance has missed an important developmental opportunity.  Through the language of movement, children discover imaginative uses of their bodies while developing good posture, coordination, rhythm, self confidence and the ability to work with other children.  Experience has shown that these classes fulfil important needs of preschool children to move with grace and to exercise their imaginations.

During the past 25 years, Canton Ballet’s Joy of Movement program has reached hundreds of children. Julie Mizer Grasse, Canton Ballet’s Early Childhood Specialist is available to to come to your preschool to offer a series of 8 weekly creative dance classes.

Please encourage your school to begin Joy of Movement classes at the earliest possible opportunity.  Your child will surprise you with his or her rapid progress in physical and mental skills.

Letter to Preschool Teachers

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