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New Works – Video Order Form
We are now taking DVD/Blu-Ray orders for our New Works performance to be held on October 7 at 7 PM at the Canton Palace Theatre. Click here to submit your order form and payment.

Orders must be submitted by no later than Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

***2023/24 Prepro schedule🌸

⭐️**company levels 23-24

🗓️ 2023-24 School Calendar

Peter and Wolf– Thursday, Oct 5th 10:30 am Palace
First Friday, Oct 6th Perform 3 pieces at Palace 6 pm performance time
New Works Saturday, October 7th 7 pm performance Palace 
Peter and Wolf -Friday, Oct 13th, 10 am -Rebecca Stallman Southgate School 
Nutcracker , Friday, December 1– Performances at Fairless High School of Nutcracker Excerpts School performance and Evening performance! 

Peter and the Wolf School Excuse Form 2023

Company Schedule
Tentative Theatre Week Schedule Below! Subject to Change! 

 Palace Theatre!!!-ALL WEEK!

4:45 doors open 
5-5:30 class – AL
Annabella solo after class be ready
-in costume 
6:20-6:30 run la valse bleu no costumes
6:30-7:15 Coppelia in costume 
7:15-7:45 run Angelo -in costume if they are here/ Kelly costumes
7:45 -8:20 Mikayla in costume 
8:20-9 Numb in costume 

4:45 doors open
5-5:30 Class-AL 
5:45-7 run New Works in order-possible costumes due to practicing quick changes 
7:15-7:45 lec dem class rehearsal 
8-9 Peter and the Wolf full dress rehearsal

Peter and Wolf Morning Performance
8:30 Doors open 
8:45-9:45 Warm -up Class 
Company Leotard for those doing lec dem class -Full stage make-up-Hair etc. NO PARTS in hair
10:30 performance
Finish by 11:30

Thursday evening Dress rehearsal NEW WORKS
4:45 doors unlock

5- 6:00 Warmup class- JH 
6:30-8:30 Full Run in program order with full hair and full make up- in costume 

-First Friday -mini performance
5:15 Arrival-doors open 
5:30-6 warmup- AL 
6:30-7 performance of:
1. La valse bleue
2. Mr. A’s 
3. Jazz 

Saturday -NEW WORKS Performance 7PM
Doors open 4:45
5-6:00 warm-up class-JH 
Program order
1. MASKorAID (Kelly’s)
2. La Valse Bleue 
3. To Be (Mikayla’s)
4. Pas de Esclave 
5. Numb
6. Endeavor (Modern)
7. Letting Go (Mr. A’s)
8. Coppelia Friend’s
9. Orenda (Erika’s
10. Hey Pachuco (jazz)



Tuesday-contemporary today /strength 
regular classes
no rehearsal 

Wednesday-jazz today 
regular classes
7:30 -9 peter and the wolf -Cast TBA

Thursday TBA

Peter and the Wolf at Rebecca Stallman Southgate School 
Arrival 8:15
10am -10:45am performance



October 5th -Peter and the Wolf 10:30 am -at Palace Theatre
October 6th -Perform excerpts of Fall Season on First Friday 6 pm (at Palace)
October 7th -New Works performance at Canton Palace Theatre 7 pm
October 13th 10AM  -Peter and the Wolf at Rebecca Stallman Southgate School
October 16-21 Ms Alonso Guest teach 

OTHER Guest Choreographers/choreographer dates for next season: 
Kelly YankleSept 14th-Sept 17th
for fall season & adjudication
Cameron– January 2nd -7th- (for adjudication & possibly Spring Season) 
Zachary -TBA-
for Spring Season-TBA

***YAGP Registration for Pittsburgh 2024 is already open on the YAGP website! The dates are February 9-11. Be thinking about whether you would like to participate this year!  I will be getting the paperwork/costs out soon and need to start researching variations. I do much better when I am not rushed and have time to find the proper fit for you! The sooner we get started, the better. I myself will only be able to take a limited number of students this year for private instruction. Depending on the interest, others may be assigned to Canton Ballet faculty. The info packet will be posted soon! 

Dancers/Chaperones attending RDA must register for RDA Associates –
Here is the link: (

  • Mikayla casting: Hailey, Giada, Ella, Lucy, Cece, Aubrey, Maddie 
  • Remember the rule for leaving rehearsal early for Homecoming, Prom, etc.  You may be excused at 3 pm IF you have turned in a note a week before so that rehearsals can be arranged. 
  • **Peter and the Wolf Casting 2023

Dress Code   Girls NO pink tights with stirrups-
Monday          Girls pastel color leo, PINK tights; Boys any color t-shirt and black tights, shoes
Tuesday         Girls company leo, pink tights; Boys company t-shirt any color, black tights                      Contemporary: optional black tights over pink, 
Wednesday   Girls any color leo; Boys- any color shirt with black tights & shoes
               Jazz/Tap     Any color Leo/any color tights, tight-fitting sportswear  Jazz shoes/Tap shoes
Thursday       Girls black Leo; Boys white shirt, black tights
Saturday        Girls any color Leo; Boys any color shirt or any color tights with black shirt, socks and shoes 

Numb (for Hannah & Dom)
Erika’s NEW piece!
Ms. Chelsea’s JAZZ piece!  REVIEW!
Ms. Allison’s MODERN! 

Lec-dem class 🩰
Company Fall Information
-please fill out fillable forms on computer BEFORE printing if possible
2023-24 Payment Information Form with RDA – FILLABLE FORM
2023-24 Financial Assistance Applications-FILLABLE FORM (2)

New Apprentices (also see everything above)
Apprentice Agonistes Adapted
Why would your dancer want
Company Progression