Company Members

Class divisions & schedule 2019-20  (Subject to mistakes and changes)

Company Schedule
Saturday, August 24  Jazz Company Audition (by age as of September 1)
      9-10:30 am    Jr (10-13 years old)
      10:30-12 noon    Sr (14-18 years old)
6:45 Margaret arrive with exotic hair and exotic makeup
7:50-8:30ish Canton Museum of Art Polynesian Night -Margaret solo

Monday, August 26
Please learn your part from the video BEFORE rehearsal. Peter and the Wolf video
See casting below
5-6 Bird/Peter
6-7 Cat/Wolf
6:15-7 Meeting for Classroom Assistants with Mrs. Grasse
7-8 Oktoberfest Dances with all understudies. (Please review video BEFORE rehearsal) 

4:30-6 Bird
5-6 Peter
6-7  Cat/Wolf

5-6 Bird & Peter
6-7 Cat Wolf
7-8 Oktoberfest

5-7  Bird/Peter/Wolf/Duck
6-7  Hunters
7-8 Oktoberfest

NO Rehearsal

Tuesday, September 3
5-8 New Ballet Joy Raub

Wednesday, September 4   Photo shoot & Parent meeting 
      5-5:20 pm Jr. Apprentice, Apprentice I & II photo call
      5:20-5:40 pm Company & Understudy photo call
      5:40-6:20 Meeting for DANCERS ONLY
      6:20-7 pm  Meeting for All PARENTS AND Dancers.  The Barre Association will be there to talk to parents about plans for the coming year.
7:15ish-9   Joy new ballet

Regular classes begin
7:30-9  Joy new ballet

regular classes
P & W
Joy rehearsals

Joy rehearsals

Casting (everybody is welcome to attend rehearsals and learn any of the parts)
Peter and the Wolf
Peter   Thomas/Max (Dom)
Wolf   Mia/Alicia (Mikayla)
Bird  Leah/Annabella   (Makenna/Allison)
Cat  Jane/Morgan (Landyn)
Duck   Mikayla/Annika  (Hannah, Riley)
Hunters:  Hannah, Landyn, Allison, Riley, Brianna, Hailey, Ella, Giada, Andrea, Leah F., Liliana, Estella, Kaylee, Dom, Makenna

Jane, Kassidea, Mia, Mya, Annabella, Thomas, Annika, Leah, Mikayla, Riley, Allison, Makenna, Hannah, Landyn, Max, Dom (EVERYBODY ELSE  That means all Apprentice 1 and Jr Apprentices is an understudy and should attend ALL REHEARSALS)

August 24  7:50 Canton Museum of Art Polynesian Night
September 15 Debbie Blunden rehearsal
Sept 19  Oktoberfest evening  Canton Rotary
October 2, 3 10:30 am   Peter and the Wolf Canton Palace Theatre
October 4   6 pm   Oktoberfest at Canton Museum of Art
October 5, 7:30; October 6 4 pm  Dayton Contemporary Dance Company Performance, Dayton, OH. We’re invited!
October 18, 19  Celebrate Dance
December 12-15   Nutcracker with Zachary Catazaro and Lily DiPiazza principal dancer of Pennsylvania Ballet
February 7-9   Jazz Company competition
March 7  Touchdowns and Tutus

March   Adjudication
March 23-29  Spring Break
April 4  College Club  Trinity United Church of Christ, 3909 Blackburn RD NW, Canton OH 44718
April 10-13. Spring Break 2
April 18 & 19.  Wizard of Oz
April 24-26   Jazz Co soloist competition
May 1-3   Jazz Company competition
May 14-16  RDA/NE Festival in Dayton, OH

Dress Code   Girls NO canvas ballet shoes or pink tights with stirrups
Monday          Girls any color leo, bk tights; Boys t-shirt and tights any color
Tuesday         Girls  pastel leo (a pale color such as pink, yellow, sky blue.  Dark colors are not pastel), pink tights; Boys t-shirt any color, black tights
                        Modern – optional black tights over pink
Wednesday   Girls Co leo; Boys-matching shirt with black tights & shoes or matching tights with black shirt, socks and shoes
Thursday       Girls black Leo; Boys white shirt, black tights
Saturday        Girls any color Leo; Boys any color shirt or any color tights with black shirt, socks and shoes 


Dances of Springtime
Lec-dem class
Peter and the Wolf video
Oktoberfest video

Exercise for Hyperextended knees
Angel dance
Celebrate Dance promo video

Parental Permission Form – Dr. Jason Exposito – Canton Ballet MUST be filled out by your parent and returned to Jason BEFORE he can work on you.

Company Fall Information-please fill out fillable forms on computer BEFORE printing if possible.
2019 Checklist
Co Contract 2019
Summer School Obligation 2019 fillable
Dancer Profile fillable
Remind signup
2019-20 Payment Information fillable
SCB 2019-20 Financial Aid Fillable

New Apprentices (also see everything above)
App meeting letter ’19
Apprentice Agonistes Adapted
Why would your dancer want to b
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