Company Members

Company Schedule
Saturday, pointe barre
12:30-1  Pollys & do hair
1-1:30   Get costumes-final checks
1:30-4  Snow & Act II with ALL Costumes & hairpieces-Pack costumes
4-5   All Angels, Clara, NP, Reindeer, Cherubs costumes for soloists

12:30  Doors open
Be IN COSTUME at rehearsal time
1-2 Prologue- big kids in costume
2-4  Party Scene-all in costume & do hair
4:15-4:45   Russian 
4-4:45   Baby Mice/Wt Mice/Mice
4:30-5:15 M& S
Pack costumes & props

TBA-Rehearsal Guest artist Kaleb with his girls
3:45 New Mouse heads arrive
5-6  Class in Lobby-seniors in charge
4-4:30 Pollys & Mother Ginger
4:30-6   Angels, Cherubs, Reindeer, Guardian Angels, Clara & NP
6-9?? Snow, opening & Finale, Flowers and Act II all

5-6 Class at studio-all
TBA-Rehearsal with Kaleb
4-4:45  Pollys
4:30-5:15 Baby/White Mice
5:15-6  Mice & Soldiers-all
6-7:30  Prologue in costume
7:30-9   Party Scene-all in costume

TBA-Rehearsal with Kaleb
4:30-5  Pollys
5-6 pm Company class
6-8:30  Party-all FULL DRESS REHEARSALl with hair and makeup for photographers 
7-8:30. Angels
No reindeer, cherubs, baby mice

Thursday PALACE
8:15AM  arrive
8:30-9:30   Company Class
10:30 AM School Show
After show, Kaleb & his girls onstage as needed

Friday, PALACE
8:15AM  arrive
8:30-9:30   Company Class
10:30 AM School Show
After show, all onstage with Zach and Lily  to block opening & finale

5:30-6:30 Class
7:30 Performance 

Saturday, PALACE
11:30 Arrive
12-1 Class
2 pm Performance
6-6:30 Warm UP
7:30 Performance

Sunday, PALACE
11:30 Arrive
12-1 Class
2 pm Performance

Touchdowns & Tutus Rehearsal Schedule beginning in January
7:15-8:15 Angelo with Matalan and David Smith – Studio 3

3:45-4:30 Megan with Margaret and Nehemiah

6:15-7:15 Joy Raub with Alejandro and Morgan – Black Box
7:15-8:15 Richard Oaxaca with Emily and Xavier – Black Box 
8:00-9:00 Ana Bettis with Mia and Demtrius Studio 2
8:15-9:00 Richard Oaxaca with AnnaBella and Garrison Studio 3

7:30-8:30 Leslie Yoder with Alessha and Donny Studio 3 
7:30-8:30 Tori Suba with Nathan and Natalie

12-1 Brittani Harris with Caroline and Tyler Miller  Studio 3
12:30-1:30.  Lindsy Keck with Andrew and Mya
1-2 Emily Gordon with Alicia and Ethan

Megan Miller and Tyler Neal T.B.D 

December 9 -11 Theatre Week
December 12-15   Nutcracker with Zachary Catazaro and Lily DiPiazza principal dancer of 
Pennsylvania Ballet
February 7-9   Jazz Company competition
March 7  Touchdowns and Tutus

March   Adjudication
March 23-29  Spring Break
April 4  College Club  Trinity United Church of Christ, 3909 Blackburn RD NW, Canton OH 44718
April 10-13  Spring Break 2
April 18 & 19   Wizard of Oz
April 24-26   Jazz Co soloist competition
May 1-3   Jazz Company competition
May 14-16  RDA/NE Festival in Dayton, OH

Dress Code   Girls NO canvas ballet shoes or pink tights with stirrups
Monday          Girls any color leo, bk tights; Boys t-shirt and tights any color
Tuesday         Girls  pastel leo (a pale color such as pink, yellow, sky blue.  Dark colors are not pastel), pink tights; Boys t-shirt any color, black tights
                        Modern – optional black tights over pink
Wednesday   Girls Co leo; Boys-matching shirt with black tights & shoes or matching tights with black shirt, socks and shoes
Thursday       Girls black Leo; Boys white shirt, black tights
Saturday        Girls any color Leo; Boys any color shirt or any color tights with black shirt, socks and shoes 

Flying Colors
Dances of Springtime
Lec-dem class
Peter and the Wolf video
Oktoberfest video
Dances of Springtime

Exercise for Hyperextended knees
Angel dance
Celebrate Dance promo video
Corsaire pas

Remember the rule for leaving rehearsal early for Homecoming, Prom, etc.  You may be excused at 3 pm IF you have turned in a note a week before so that rehearsals can be arranged. 

Parental Permission Form – Dr. Jason Exposito – Canton Ballet MUST be filled out by your parent and returned to Jason BEFORE he can work on you.

Company Fall Information-please fill out fillable forms on computer BEFORE printing if possible.
2019 Checklist
Co Contract 2019
Summer School Obligation 2019 fillable
Dancer Profile fillable
Remind signup
2019-20 Payment Information fillable
SCB 2019-20 Financial Aid Fillable

New Apprentices (also see everything above)
App meeting letter ’19
Apprentice Agonistes Adapted
Why would your dancer want to b
Company Progression