Company Members

        Zachary Catazaro

New York City Ballet Principal Dancer!!!

Company Schedule
ing Break!!   
Wednesday-Monday Nov 22-27
Get some rest but remember to stretch, give yourself barre and wear your pointe shoes around the house every day.  

10:45 warm up
11-12   Lauren for Columbine & Spanish/Bella
12-1:30 Tamaki & Erika
1:30-2:30 Maria/ Margaret & Erik-Battle scene & Clara snow pas

11-?  Tamaki & Erika

No rehearsals

No classes or rehearsals

Tuesday, Pt barre

Regular classes resume
7:30-9  Damien & all his girls
7:30-8:15  Flowers with soloists
8:15-9 tba

Wednesday, Pt centre

Thursday  Full pointe

Saturday, Pt barre
Full Dress Rehearsal
12:30-1  Pollys & do hair
1:30-4:30  Snow & Act II  
2:30-3:15  Baby Mice & White Mice, Mice
3:15-3:45  M & S
Pack costumes for theatre

Sunday  Cameron arrives
Full Dress Rehearsal
1-2 Prologue
2-4  Party Scene -all & do hair
3-4  All Angels, Clara, NP, Reindeer, Cherubs
5-?  Damien if needed
Pack costumes & props

 Here’s a “Brittany”!

November 22-26  Thanksgiving Break
December 4-6  Nuts Theatre Week
December 7  Nuts School Show    AM
                        6:30-9pm Lighting Up Downtown  
December 8-10  Nutcracker!

Touchdowns Casting 
Margaret, Taylor, Bella, Erika, Tamaki, Anna, Lauren, Maria, Aleesha, Emily, Nicole, Hannah, Morgan

  subject to correction or change as needed

Carolers                     Maria, Brooke, Kassidea
Street Vendors          
Mattie, Hannah, Megan, Caroline, Jane
Chestnut Seller           tba
Mother                        Maddie K (Mattie)
Father                         Cameron ( Jordan)
Clara                           Margaret (Mia) 
Fritz                             Logan (Thomas)
Drosselmeyer              Michael Barath
Grandfather                John Hayward
Grandmother              Mary Lou Ianni
Maid                            Taylor/Menka-Friday night performance ONLY (Morgan)
Assistant Maid            Natalie
Harlequin                    Cameron
Columbine                  Lauren/Maria
Sultana                        Caroline
Party Ladies                
Bella Anna, Erika, Lauren, Tamaki (Maria, Natalie, Hannah, Megan, Brooke)
Party Girls                   Mia, Marianna, Leila, Annabella
Party Boys                   Thomas
Mouse King                 Evan
Nutcracker Prince      Cameron
White Mice                  Aleesha, Morgan, Hannah
Soldiers                       Jordan, Thomas, Logan, Jane, Kassidea, Leila, Marianna, Mia, Dom, Max,     
                                     Levi, RJ
Mice                             Annabella, Mya, Kristen
Snow King                   Damien
Snow Queen                Nicole
Snowflakes                 Mattie, Maddie
Anna, Bella, Natalie, Taylor, Maria, Aleesha, Emily, Hannah, Morgan, Brooke, Megan, Caroline
(ALL other Understudies and Apprentices)
Guardian Angels                 Emily & Jordan
Lead Reindeer                     Miles I.
School Sugar Plum Fairy    Erika/Tamaki
School Sugar Plum Cavalier   Cameron

Spanish           Lauren with Cameron
Erika, Maddie, Nicole, Natalie, Taylor, Maria
(Caroline, Aleesha, Hannah, Morgan, Megan, Brooke)

Arabian   Tamaki/ Damien (Maria)
Kassidea, Leila, Marianna, Mia, Annabella Max, RJ  (All-apprentice 1 & Jr. App)

Chinese           Bella/Cameron
Mattie, Aleesha, Morgan
(Hannah, Megan, Brooke)

Marzipan     Erika (Nicole) w/ Damien
Anna, Lauren, Tamaki, Nicole, Taylor, Caroline
(Emily, Megan, Hannah, Brooke Morgan, Aleesha)

Russian     Cameron, Terrance, Jordan, Max, Levi, Thomas, Logan, RJ, (Evan)
Red: Maria, Margaret
Emily, Brooke, Megan, Jane
Gold girls- Mya, Kristen

Mother Ginger      Bernie Richards

Dewdrop & Cavalier       Anna, Damien
Flowers      Natalie & Maria
Erika, Lauren, Maddie, Tamaki, Nicole, Bella, Taylor, Mattie, Aleesha, Emily, Hannah, Morgan, Brooke, Megan, Caroline, Kassidea
 (ALL other Understudies and Apprentices) 

Class Divisions Fall 2017
4:30-6  Entire Company invited
6-8  Purple Tap & Jazz
7:15-9  Teal Tap & Jazz

4:30-6  Teal
5-6  Purple Modern
6-7:30  Purple
6-7  Teal Modern

4:30-6  Teal
6-7:30  Purple

6-7:30  Purple
7:30-9  Teal

11-12:30  Purple
11:30-1  Teal

This is subject to change
Aryssa, Anna, Erika, Lauren, Isabella, Tamaki, Maddie, Nicole, Natalie, Taylor, Maria, Margaret, Matalan, Hannah, Caroline.

Morgan, Aleesha, Emily, Megan, Brooke, Jordan, Jane, Kassidea, Leila, Marianna, Mia, Annabella, Thomas, Logan, Mya, Kristen.

Dress Code
Monday          Girls any color leo, bk tights-boys t-shirt or  tights any color
Tuesday         Girls  pastel leo (a pale color such as pink, yellow, sky blue.  Dark colors are not pastel), pink tights, boys t-shirt any color, black tights  
                        Modern – optional black tights over pink 
Wednesday   Girls Co leo, boys-matching shirt with black tights & shoes or matching tights with black shirt, socks and shoes    
Thursday       Girls black leo, boys white shirt, black tights 
Saturday        Girls any color leo, boys any color shirt or any color tights with black shirt, socks and shoes

Company Fall Information-please fill out bio & financial assistance app on computer BEFORE printing if possible.
Fall letter 2017
Co Contract 2017
Summer School Obligation 2017 fillable form
Dancer Profile 2017 fillable form
2017-18 Payment Information Fillable Form
Remind 2017
2017-18 Financial Assistance Application
Class Divisions & Times Fall 2016

New Apprentices
App meeting letter ’17
Fall letter 2017
Co Contract 2017
Dancer Profile 2017 fillable form
Remind 2017
2017-18 Financial Assistance Application
2017-18 Payment Information Fillable Form
Company Progression
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