Company Members

Bravo to our winners Emily and Luke!
All three runner up couples have been invited to be Celebrity Chefs at the Community Harvest fundraiser next Tuesday at the Civic Center!   Congratulations.  See schedule below:

What a great job everyone did!  She LOVED it.  I’m very proud of you!!   The results are already in and she is taking Mr. Angelo’s and Joy’s ballets to be performed at the festival!  Congratulations everyone.

Performance Fines 🙁  $10 each
Tights with holes/stirrup-Margaret, Nicole, Erika, Taylor
String/Ribbons out-Anna, Bella
Hair messy   Anna  (Taylor warning no fine) 
Please do NOT wear dark red lipstick in performance

Company Schedule
12:30 Doors open
1-3  Moving Violations
3-4  Apprentice Ballet

Monday, March 19
regular classes
4:30-6  Moving Violations

4:30 arrival-nice street clothes, enter through doors facing Market Ave
5-8 pm  Canton Civic Center  26th Annual Celebrity Cuisine
                    3 runner up couples & Ashley-Emily, Bella, Nicole & their boys

5:50-6:10  Apprentice Ballet
7:30-9  run Lauren’s/ Moving Violations/Odalisques

5:50-6:10  Apprentice Ballet
7:30-9  run Lauren’s/Moving Violations/Odalisques

7:30-9 run  Lauren’s/New Senior Ballet

March 23-April 2
Spring Break


Summer Intensive Auditions 2018 compiled by Mr. Nikishin. 
Macie Behringer-If anyone who wants to write a card to Kylee and/or her family, here is the address: 7610 Braucher St NW, North Canton, OH 44720 

March 15   4:30-7ish   Adjudication
March 23-April 2  Spring Break
April 3-5??   Lauren Smith rehearses her piece
April 10-14  Celebrate Dance
May 19 end of classes
May 23-27  RDA/NE New Hampshire
June 25-July 26  Summer Intensive

Class Divisions Fall 2017
4:30-6  Entire Company invited
6-8  Purple Tap & Jazz
7:15-9  Teal Tap & Jazz

4:30-6  Teal
5-6  Purple Modern
6-7:30  Purple
6-7  Teal Modern

4:30-6  Teal
6-7:30  Purple

6-7:30  Purple
7:30-9  Teal

11-12:30  Purple
11:30-1  Teal

This is subject to change
Anna, Erika, Lauren, Isabella, Tamaki, Maddie, Nicole, Natalie, Taylor, Maria, Margaret, Matalan, Hannah, Caroline.

Morgan, Aleesha, Emily, Megan, Brooke, Jordan, Jane, Kassidea, Leila, Marianna, Mia, Annabella, Thomas, Logan, Mya, Kristen.

Dress Code
Monday          Girls any color leo, bk tights-boys t-shirt or  tights any color
Tuesday         Girls  pastel leo (a pale color such as pink, yellow, sky blue.  Dark colors are not pastel), pink tights, boys t-shirt any color, black tights  
                        Modern – optional black tights over pink 
Wednesday   Girls Co leo, boys-matching shirt with black tights & shoes or matching tights with black shirt, socks and shoes    
Thursday       Girls black leo, boys white shirt, black tights 
Saturday        Girls any color leo, boys any color shirt or any color tights with black shirt, socks and shoes

Company Fall Information-please fill out bio & financial assistance app on computer BEFORE printing if possible.
Fall letter 2017
Co Contract 2017
Summer School Obligation 2017 fillable form
Dancer Profile 2017 fillable form
2017-18 Payment Information Fillable Form
Remind 2017
2017-18 Financial Assistance Application
Class Divisions & Times Fall 2016

New Apprentices
App meeting letter ’17
Fall letter 2017
Co Contract 2017
Dancer Profile 2017 fillable form
Remind 2017
2017-18 Financial Assistance Application
2017-18 Payment Information Fillable Form
Company Progression
Apprentice Agonistes Adapted
Why would your dancer want to b