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The University of Akron Dance Institute is offering Ballet and Jazz classes several days per week in June.  Summer Interim Classes

Company Schedule
I noticed quite a few shiny shoes at the performance.  The fine will be increased to $25 for the rest of the year for anyone who has shiny shoes going forward.  Also, I noted quite a few people without hairnets during the performance.  That, too, will be fined.  Please, we want our company to look professional not amateurish or highschooly.
4:30-5:30 ish   Class in studio 4 with French twist and light stage makeup
5 pm Annual Board meeting
5:45-6:15 ish Performance of the two festival pieces in BBT for
Canton Ballet Board of Directors-NO SHINY SHOES!

2:30 Leave for Festival
6-7:30  Honors Class Tamaki & Margaret-Dance Space A – dress code: black leotard, pink tights and shoes


Return after performance – late 
You’re done!!!!

Week of August 12 Guest Choreographer Debbie Blunden-Diggs Artistic Director of Dayton Contemporary Dance Company DCDC

Little Mermaid Act I, Act II
Piece of Mind
Lec-dem class
Peter and the Wolf video
Oktoberfest video
Class Divisions & Times Fall 2018

Exercise for Hyperextended knees
Angel dance
Celebrate Dance promo video

Dress Code
Monday          Girls any color leo, bk tights-boys t-shirt or  tights any color
Tuesday         Girls  pastel leo (a pale color such as pink, yellow, sky blue.  Dark colors are not pastel), pink tights, boys t-shirt any color, black tights
                        Modern – optional black tights over pink
Wednesday   Girls Co leo, boys-matching shirt with black tights & shoes or matching tights with black shirt, socks and shoes
Thursday       Girls black leo, boys white shirt, black tights
Saturday        Girls any color leo, boys any color shirt or any color tights with black shirt, socks and shoes  

Company Fall Information-please fill out bio & financial assistance app on computer BEFORE printing if possible.
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New Apprentices
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