Company Members

RDA National Festival Scholarships
There are too many to list.  Check out: for your results

Great job dancers.  You looked fabulous onstage!

June classes with Ms. Jennifer
10-11:30 AM  OPTIONAL 
$10 per person if 10 people in class
$15 per person if less than 10 people in class
5 people minimum for class to take place 
Payment at beginning of class in cash directly to the teacher.
You will need to sign up with SignUp Genius to reserve a place.

Tuesday, May 30 Thursday, June 1
Tuesday, June 6 Thursday, June 8
Tuesday, June 13 Thursday, June 15
Tuesday, June 20 Thursday, June 22
Monday, June 26 Summer program begins
We need LOTS of helpers that week because we are doing a program bringing in 100 kids from the Canton Recreation Department.  Tell Ms. Jennifer if you’d like to help.  Its during the day of the summer program.
Guest teachers this summer are: Kelly Yankle, Erich Yetter, Kimberly Smith (Haitian), Megan Seeman (Jazz & Tap) & Kelli Sanford (Modern).

June 26-July 27  Summer School
September 7 Classes start

*  Exercise for Hyperextended knees
*   Lec-dem class

Dress Code
Monday  Girls Any color leo, bk tights-boys t-shirt or  tights any color
Tuesday  Girls  pastel leo, pink tights, boys t-shirt any color, black tights
Wednesday  Girls-Co leo, boys-matching shirt with black tights & shoes or matching tights with black shirt, socks and shoes     Modern – optional black tights over pink
Thursday  Black leo, boys white shirt, black tights
Saturday  Any color leo, boys any color shirt or any color tights with black shirt, socks and shoes

Company Fall Information
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Canton Ballet 2016_17 Financial Assistance Applications
Class Divisions & Times Fall 2016

New Apprentices (Download and read all before Apprentice meeting.  Fill out the forms.  More to come.)
App meeting letter ’16
Co Contract 2016
Dancer Profile 2016 fillable form
Remind ’16
Company Progression
Apprentice Agonistes Adapted
Why would your dancer want to b
See dress code above